Students are often intimidated by negotiating, but when done in a professional manner, the risk of "losing" an offer is low and the rewards can be high. Whether you are asking for more time to decide on an offer, or looking for a more competitive compensation package, negotiating is an essential skill to develop.

Before you negotiate, it is important to understand your offer. Potential employers should be willing and able to explain the details of the offer. Resist the urge to negotiate until you have answers to all of your questions. As you do this, remember to update other employers to notify them that you have a "competing offer" and would like their help to accelerate the application process, potentially leading to more leverage or at least a more consolidated decision timeline.

📚 Always go into a negotiation prepared.

📖 Do your homework.

📝 Create your plan.

Avoid common mistakes.

💯 Practice, practice, practice.

Ask for it.

Negotiation comes down to confidence, strategy, practice, and empathy. We love when students tell us we helped them get a job. We also love it when they thank us for helping them get more time to make the right decision on an offer, or better compensation for their talents and potential. Want help with your unique situation? Our team is ready to help. Just schedule an appointment with us!

💬 ”On my salary negotiation - I used the script asking for a 115k base salary and a 5k sign-on bonus (up from 100k and no bonus), and they just emailed me with a new offer letter meeting all of my requests! I didn't expect that to work so easily; I'm so glad I gave it a shot!! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction to do this. I'm so excited." MS ‘19

Negotiating Disability Accommodations

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